The Amber Pension Trust is a trust-based Defined Contribution scheme and has been designed for employers to provide a one-stop auto-enrolment solution.

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The trustees are responsible for the overall governance of the scheme. They review each element regularly and ensure the continued suitability. Carey Pensions and Amber Trustees Limited are joint Trustees.

The administrator manages the running of the pension scheme. They are responsible for collecting, reconciling and recording premiums, and ensuring these are passed to the Investment Manager to be invested appropriately. Carey Pensions provide the administration services for the Trust.

The Investment Adviser reports to the Trustees providing a specialised review of the default fund solution, ensuring it’s suitability for all employees. Tatton Investment Management are the Investment Adviser, and they have selected the BlackRock LifePath fund as a default.

The adviser is responsible for liaising with the employer and employees, where appropriate, and ensuring the overall suitability of the scheme for the employer.